Chin Enhancement

Non-Surgical versus Traditional Chin Implants

‘Non-Surgical Chin Enhancement’ is a safe, non-invasive alternative to traditional chin enhancement with implants. The procedure involves injecting a filler such as Voluma or Volbella into precise areas of the chin in order to increase the length, width or projection of the chin. ‘Non-Surgical Chin Enhancement’ is a 20 minute office procedure that involves no anesthesia and very little pain, redness or downtime. Most patients go back to work the next day.

Dr Fiumara’s non-surgical chin augmentation avoids many of the complications typically associated with traditional chin enhancement (such as infections, scarring and implant malpositioning or movement).

‘Non-surgical chin enhancement’ avoids the basic risks of surgery. There is no solid implant, and therefore no risk of movement or infection.


Cosmetic Results

Since traditional chin augmentation involves inserting an implant, the enlargement cannot be completely customised to the shape of your individual face. After surgery, implants can shift, giving an undesirable look. Over the years, as your face changes, the implant remains the same and may begin to look unnatural and no longer blend with the rest of your face.

The injectable fillers used in non-surgical chin enhancement are injected in small amounts and in precise locations so that there is total control over the shape and contours created by the procedure.

Non-surgical chin enhancement results in minor swelling and sometimes mild bruising and tenderness. These symptoms should last no more than two to three days. Most patients can go back to work the next day with some make-up on their chin.