Lip Enhancement

Ageing naturally causes lips to become thinner and lose definition. Women may sometimes use make up to disguise things, but it can leak down the vertical wrinkles around the mouth and actually end up emphasizing the problem.

Lip fillers can be used to achieve youthful looking plump lips.

Women of all ages with naturally thin or thinning lips have benefitted from lip enhancement treatment with Dr Fiumara.  Thanks to her artistry and meticulous skill, Dr Fiumara prides herself in delivering the most natural looking results.

Lips are sensitive, therefore a numbing cream will be applied to the area 30 minutes prior to the treatment, which will take approximately another 30 minutes. The results are immediate and should last up to 6 months. To then maintain volume and definition, you may need a ‘top-up’.

After the initial swelling and possibly bruising subsides, you will admire beautifully full, plump and natural looking lips.