Breast Asymmetry Correction

Everybody has a degree of asymmetry or difference between their left and right breasts, although in certain patients this is more pronounced and noticeable.

Treatment of these conditions can be one of the most challenging but satisfying procedures for both patient and surgeon alike; Dr Fiumara has a special interest in performing this type of corrective surgery.

In Breast Asymmetry, there can be a difference in the size of the breast, the shape and also the position of the nipple to a varying degree. There may be under-development of one breast and over-development of the other. There can be elements of a lack of development and tuberous deformity as well.


Tuberous breasts

As the name suggests, the breast is like a ‘tube’, it is shaped like a narrow cone with a small, constricted base, a tubular skin envelope and a prominent and large nipple-areolar complex.

This condition may occur in both breasts to a different degree or just on one side. The other breast may be large, droopy and also slightly misshapen.


What can be done to correct Breast Asymmetry?

For small degrees of asymmetry, where the main difference is size (volume), different size breast implants could be used.

In some cases, adjustment of the skin of the breast and of the nipple position  may be required at the same time. Therefore a combination of breast enlargement and mastopexy techniques may be used as a one-stage procedure in order to achieve the best possible result.   
In other cases, a reduction of the larger breast may be considered alone.